About Tania


Hi, I’m Tania Bogdanoski.

As an 8 year old, I had my future planned out. I loved everything creative.

Fortunately, dreams do come true and in 2004, I graduated as a fashion designer at Cape Technikon (Now Cape Peninsula University of Technology) in Cape Town. I was in my element- but I needed a break.

I was going to take a gap year- or rather, a 6 month gap and work on a cruise ship. This was my way of accomplishing my goal of seeing the world.

Well, I finished a 6 month contract. And then another, and another, until I eventually left my position in November 2009 to move to the Caribbean (but that’s another story).

36 countries later, I am now living in Cape Town, but for how long? Who knows…


Contact Me Here:

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